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Howdy Neighbour! We're the Clean Eagle Team

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

(Pt. 1) - Who's the face behind the "Clean Eagle" name?

Howdy! We're new here, and you have questions...


So, who's the face behind the "Clean Eagle" name?

Why did we decide that property services was the best fit for us?

When we say "locally owned", "family owned", "small business", do we really mean it?


We could sum up your questions quite quickly;

~ The Eagleson's

~ We have a passion for serving others

~ Yes, Yes, and Yes... We really do mean it.

End. Blog. Post.


Or... We could invite you to come along for more in-depth answers that can quench the need to know! So, keep on reading! We officially invite you in!


Who is behind the "Clean Eagle" name?

Let's start with this guy right here!

Matt Eagleson is the Founder and Owner of Clean Eagle Property Services.

Where can you find Matt on a typical work day?

~ Chatting with you and your neighbours

*Matt believes that every home/business owner has the right to meet and greet the team that will be providing services to their property, BEFORE they book. "My priority is about building trust with the owners." - Matt Eagleson

~ Performing in-person quotes.

*He can be seen walking around your commercial and residential properties, making sure that you receive accurate final pricing with no accidental charges or hidden fees.

~ Providing your Commercial & Residential services

*Someone has to do the dirty work, and believe us, some of it can be D.I.R.T.Y. Whether it be Gutter Cleaning, Interior or Exterior Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, or Solar Panel Cleaning, Matt has the experience in doing the job well, and is licensed and insured for the task!


Next up is this lady right here.

Kayla Eagleson, is wife and business partner to Matt.

Where can you find Kayla on a typical work day?

~ Often times behind the scenes

*Kayla is the brains and fingers (if you will) behind our online presence. She can be found on her phone or at the computer, posting & interacting on our social media accounts, editing our website, adding client information into files, scheduling in jobs, and updating our blog (yes, this is me writing!)

~ Sometimes out on the work field

*Kayla doesn't shy away from meeting new people, clients included! Often when you see her out and about on a job site, it's because she is capturing working moments in photographs and videos. We are proud of the services we provide, and don't mind showing it off every now and then.

~She has learned the art of multi-tasking

*On top of being the "behind-the-scenes" admin, graphic designer, photographer and blogger, Kayla is a full-time stay at home mom to 5 wonderful kiddo's. What's more, is that Kayla homeschools them also!


We could keep telling you about all the things. However, we know that when your meeting someone for the first time, it's nice to keep the conversation flowing, and dig a little deeper with each new topic.

So, with that being said, let's leave a pin in this conversation, and meet back here for Part 2 in our "Howdy Neighbour!" blog series.


What can you expect in part 2? Well, it's all about why we chose to work in the property services industry. Plus, we chat about the passion that drives us to bring our customers quality service, that you can brag about!

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